Monday, April 1, 2013

Comfort Zone

Are you familiar with these days when you come home from a day of constant stress at work or school/university, mixed with really bad weather? On days like that I really seek home and comfort in the form of relaxing, casual clothing. 

1. A really comfortable looking knit top with a nice u-neck cut from MITOSHOP for $65.
2. Mustard colored tank-top from KENZI for $16.80.
3. Skinny jeans from ABOKI for $75.
4. Chunky knit socks from KENZI for $13.50.

This outfit isn't necessarily home wear - it's just comfortable and cozy, with a pop of color and style. You can combine it with bulky leather boots and a khaki parka to hop off into the bustling outdoors or just leave it as it is and stay indoors.

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