Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberries & cream

It's a classic dessert for early summer days: strawberries with whipped cream. The warm red of the strawberries and the soft white of the cream harmonize so well, so why not basing an outfit off of that picture?

1. Cardigan, $45 (yesstyle)
2. T-shirt, $35 (yesstyle)
3. Check shorts, $45 (yesstyle)
4. Slippers, $87 (asos)

1. Polo shirt, $38 (yesstyle)
2. Belted shorts, $48 (yesstyle)
3. Plimsolls, $26 (asos)

1. T-shirt, $50 (yesstyle)
2. Cropped pants, $48 (yesstyle)
3. Slippers, $90 (asos)

Now how about welcoming summer with a nice dessert? Red and cream/white go along so well. If red is too daring for you, though, replace it with blue and go for a more maritime look.

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