Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Harmonious embroidery

I've got some serious learning going on over here ... and as much as I'd like to post more frequently I just have to stick to my stringent schedule now and bear with it until exams are over. I haven't done a look-a-like in ages and definitely will make one ones the pressure from learning has worn off.

So let's take a look at the special piece I've got you for today.
What looks like a pretty common stroke pattern in white from afar turns out to be an elaborate sinfonia embroidered on these classy shorts. Doesn't this grant your whole outfit a lot more personality? I think this is a beautiful way of showing off your class and sense of detail. Yet it's subtle enough to be only perceived after a second glance. The cut of the shorts harmonizes with its pattern - elegant and classy. Combine it with equally elegant pieces like shirts or polo-shirts and slippers or boat shoes.

The price is $72 (from TOKIO, get it here) and it comes in the mint green color as seen above, gray, charcoal gray, beige and sky blue.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Terry top

Fashion can help you express your sense of style, it can be elegant, low key and quiet, but also experimental, loud and daring. Now this is some little curio that rather belongs to the second group: a so-called "terry top".

Yes, it really does look very airy and loose. Perfect for an afternoon at the beach. But wait, there's more to it ...

You can actually transform into a beach towel! So convenient! And with that little slogan you also proof your sociability.

It's from ABOKI and costs $55. Get it on yesstyle.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberries & cream

It's a classic dessert for early summer days: strawberries with whipped cream. The warm red of the strawberries and the soft white of the cream harmonize so well, so why not basing an outfit off of that picture?

1. Cardigan, $45 (yesstyle)
2. T-shirt, $35 (yesstyle)
3. Check shorts, $45 (yesstyle)
4. Slippers, $87 (asos)

1. Polo shirt, $38 (yesstyle)
2. Belted shorts, $48 (yesstyle)
3. Plimsolls, $26 (asos)

1. T-shirt, $50 (yesstyle)
2. Cropped pants, $48 (yesstyle)
3. Slippers, $90 (asos)

Now how about welcoming summer with a nice dessert? Red and cream/white go along so well. If red is too daring for you, though, replace it with blue and go for a more maritime look.

A peacocc at rest

Hello guys,

sorry for just another hiatus again! I have been sick over a couple of weeks. Not seriously, but enough to keep me from updating my blog.

Now with exams within eyeshot I will continue posting irregularly until late july. But I'll try to post at least 2 blog posts a week. I hope you're okay with that! So please keep dropping in!