Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Harmonious embroidery

I've got some serious learning going on over here ... and as much as I'd like to post more frequently I just have to stick to my stringent schedule now and bear with it until exams are over. I haven't done a look-a-like in ages and definitely will make one ones the pressure from learning has worn off.

So let's take a look at the special piece I've got you for today.
What looks like a pretty common stroke pattern in white from afar turns out to be an elaborate sinfonia embroidered on these classy shorts. Doesn't this grant your whole outfit a lot more personality? I think this is a beautiful way of showing off your class and sense of detail. Yet it's subtle enough to be only perceived after a second glance. The cut of the shorts harmonizes with its pattern - elegant and classy. Combine it with equally elegant pieces like shirts or polo-shirts and slippers or boat shoes.

The price is $72 (from TOKIO, get it here) and it comes in the mint green color as seen above, gray, charcoal gray, beige and sky blue.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Terry top

Fashion can help you express your sense of style, it can be elegant, low key and quiet, but also experimental, loud and daring. Now this is some little curio that rather belongs to the second group: a so-called "terry top".

Yes, it really does look very airy and loose. Perfect for an afternoon at the beach. But wait, there's more to it ...

You can actually transform into a beach towel! So convenient! And with that little slogan you also proof your sociability.

It's from ABOKI and costs $55. Get it on yesstyle.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberries & cream

It's a classic dessert for early summer days: strawberries with whipped cream. The warm red of the strawberries and the soft white of the cream harmonize so well, so why not basing an outfit off of that picture?

1. Cardigan, $45 (yesstyle)
2. T-shirt, $35 (yesstyle)
3. Check shorts, $45 (yesstyle)
4. Slippers, $87 (asos)

1. Polo shirt, $38 (yesstyle)
2. Belted shorts, $48 (yesstyle)
3. Plimsolls, $26 (asos)

1. T-shirt, $50 (yesstyle)
2. Cropped pants, $48 (yesstyle)
3. Slippers, $90 (asos)

Now how about welcoming summer with a nice dessert? Red and cream/white go along so well. If red is too daring for you, though, replace it with blue and go for a more maritime look.

A peacocc at rest

Hello guys,

sorry for just another hiatus again! I have been sick over a couple of weeks. Not seriously, but enough to keep me from updating my blog.

Now with exams within eyeshot I will continue posting irregularly until late july. But I'll try to post at least 2 blog posts a week. I hope you're okay with that! So please keep dropping in!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Airy knits

I really like knits. They guarantee a good circulation of air and keep you warm. Depending on the material and texture, the focus may be on either of the two. For spring and summer knits, it usually is the former. So in order to achieve this, these garments are wide-meshed and are very light.

This knit top from STYLE ENGINE comes in 4 colors. Due to its coarse meshing, you wanna combine it with a tank top in order to make it opaque, but that's not a must.

No easy choice here, right? I like all of these colors. While the pink one is rather dreamy, the green one gives off a lot of energy.

The price is $34.20 and you can get it from yesstyle.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gaudy leopard

You might have gained the impression that it's only all about colored pants this year after I started getting crazy about them in my blog posts. But that's only half the truth. The big trend this year is color blocking, where you combine several pieces in bold colors. So of course blazers are no exception to the rule and also come in loud colors this season! DEEPSTYLE even went a step further and created a blazer that is not only colorful but also sports a wild animal print pattern.

The bright yellow blazer looks great to blue jeans or white pants, but will also shine in combination with blue, green or orange/red chinos. 

It doesn't lose any of its luminance in orange, too. This will look great to red or yellow chinos, but blue or green will make a nice contrast.

You can get it here for $88.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ship ahoy!

The nautical and maritime themes are common companions of the spring and summer seasons. You'll find blue striped t-shirts and scarfs, white pants, boat shoes and patterns borrowed from seafaring everywhere. Now I, for my part, really like the freshness and jauntiness outfits themed like that convey - these shoes here from MUTNAM being no exception.

Espadrilles stand for summer, beach and lightness. A perfect accessory for any maritime themed outfit. But these even have a little bonus: an embroidered application that consists of wheel and anchor, as well as a little lettering: Yacht Club de Monaco. Swanky. In a positive way.

As you can see, these shoes look great to shorts and blazers. But you can also go in the casual lane by combining it to t-shirts and chinos.

They come in blue and red, cost around $25 and are obtainable here.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sir Pocket

Just another post today as a compensation for the lack of posts over the last couple of days. Now in my opinion, cute little details that may even be a little childish are a great way to express your personality. And as we all know, being childs at heart is what fuels our engines, gentlemen.

You can tell by the expression of this model that he's having a lot of fun right now. The source of this mysterious happiness is quite obvious: Sir Pocket!

Ah, so lovable! Sitting there right at your heart, gently restraining that inner child of yours. A subtle, stylish and noble guard to prevent late adolescent behaviour from happening. Or meant as a little warning for others (generally girls) to see that you haven't fully grown up yet.

You can call this little fellow yours after spending $20 at MUTNAM. Get it here.
Available colors: white, gray, yellow and red.

V-neck bouquet

I like to play with styles which traditionally have been predominant in girl's fashion. Flowers, for example, stand for feminity and beauty. But if a man sports them in a real man's outfit, the resulting contrast even highlights his masculinity. You don't believe me? Take this flowery t-shirt from PLAYM for example.

The print is what you would call a romantic cottage garden still-life. In other words: girly. But in combination with the v-neck cut of the white t-shirt (a classic in men's fashion), you can hardly tell that there's anything off.

The flowers in full detail. Perfect bouquet for spring or summer activities.

Now combined with a sleek blazer and dress pants the romantic touch of the t-shirt makes room for a subtle, yet decorative and playful vibe that softens the otherwise edgy and straight-lined outfit.

So, don't be afraid of flowers. Flaunt them. Get the t-shirt at yesstyle for $31.50.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Sorry guys, I'm a little behind my schedule again! I was busy the last couple of days and hadn't filled my stock of blog posts beforehand which resulted in an ugly gap in my blogging routine. But rest assured, you'll be compensated for the lack of blog posts today.

First item today: an awesome oversized-looking dolman-sleeved plaid shirt from ABOKI.

Howdy! This shirt is so casual and stylish. You'll create the best effect by combining it to t-shirts or tank tops and tight pants or shorts.

See what dolman sleeves are all about? Pretty novel and not average at all. I can also imagine this shirt to be super comfortable and nice in summer when the air can circulate through.

ABOKI is a little pricier than other brands on yesstyle, so this dolman shirt comes for $63 which still is a pretty good price. Get it here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cargo afloat

Hey guys, sorry for not posting yesterday - I'll make up for it. I was busy creating an illustration for a design competition ... and as I always wait with stuff like that until the deadline is already visible, it turned out a little stressful.

However, let's continue with colorful pants, okay? I found a casual cargo pants in a kind of carrot cut from ABOKI on yesstyle.

What I like about this pants is A) the really dreamy sky blue color (a mixture between bright and pastel) and B) that it's hard to distinguish wether it's a chino or not.

The carrot cut (kinda loose at the top, tight around the legs) creates a very fashionable shape. Looks best to high-top shoes (sneakers, desert boots) or slippers (with the legs rolled up a bit). Try combining it with a blazer (in white or blue) for an upgrade or with a parka/casual jacket to go in the sporty/casual lane.

It costs $76.50 and also comes in green and pink. Get it here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rustic chic

As great as blazers and formal jackets are, sometimes you want to put on something really casual and uncomplicated. Something, that makes you look kinda shabby but sleek at the same time and cleverly emphasizes your masculinity. So how about a rakish military style jacket?

I like how the model just deeply burries his hands in the pockets of this jacket from MUTNAM. He doesn't care - and the jacket even couldn't care less. Just like that. But that's not the only way to sport these kind of garments.

The same jacket over a suit makes it look completly different. Just like a boss. So try combining different styles (like casual and formal) to achieve edgy, self-confident looks.

Get it here for just about $77.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Style proposal from KENZI

Today I want to present you a complete spring outfit that wasn't penned by me. The guys from KENZI arrange their clothes in outfits and round it off by posting a little collage of said outfit. Let me tell you - they do a great job! Now take a look at this outfit.

The bright yellow of the jeans and shoes is so springy and goes along well with the blue of the rather formal coat and the brown faux leather tote. The overall cut is rather straight and goes for an elegant shape. Wanna see it in action? Here we go.

What do you think? Pretty nice, huh? Presentations like these make shopping a lot easier. At least they give you some inspiration. Thanks KENZI!

So the outfit consists of the following items: coat ($117), skinny jeans ($44), faux leather tote ($81), slip-ons ($45) and t-shirt (not available at yesstyle :( but how about this one for $40?).

I know it may feel a little strange to put on colorful pants as a man at first. But give it a try. There really is nothing to it. It just represents your good sense of fashion.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fresh breeze

I admit, I have a weakness for blazers. Maybe it's because they make you look all grown-up and professional without any trouble or they always implement nicely into any outfit and give it a huge upgrade. So please bear with me for posting just another blazer again. But I'm sure you like these fashionable, masculine jackets just as me, so no need to worry on my side, I guess. 

Now spring and summer are all about colors, as you know. Thankfully, this trend doesn't stop at outerwear, so we have a nice palette of colorfull items to choose from. This time: a sky blue summer blazer from MUTNAM.

Needless to say, that this outfit as a whole is already perfect, don't you think? It's a real city man's outfit - classic, yet fashionable with lines between casual and formal blurried.  MUTNAM should have all of these items still in stock, so a little stroll through their internet shop might help you get what you want.

See the details in all their glory. I really like that embroidery on the breast pocket, although its acceptation is beyond my french skills. But the design is nice, following the spirit of sailing regattas. That blue/white contrast even adds to its nautical feeling.

Now the price also is another highlight of this garment. It's about $63, which is really cheap for a blazer. It comes in a lighter and darker shade of blue. Get it here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pastel plaid

Plaid shirts in combination with white t-shirts and jeans are excellent to underscore your masculinity and to express vitality and energy. You really don't have to do anything else to achieve this. That's the magic of plaid shirts. Take a look a the picture below and you'll know what I mean.

Hurray for pastel colors! They work great with spring outfits. Nice detail: the sleeves are single-colored when rolled up. 

It also comes in a blue-ish version. My favorite is the pink one, though. The cut looks rather fitted, especially around the waistline and thus creates a sharp and defined look.

It costs $38 and you can get it at yesstyle.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring 2012 Part 2

So here I'm back again to give you some inspirational input when it comes to stocking up your spring wardrobe - AKA Spring 2012 part 2. If you haven't checked out part 1 yet, take a look over here.

The first outfit strikes with its bold yellow and blue colors. At the same time, all of the garments have a classic touch to them, mixed with a modern update.

1. Jacket from TRIPLE K in yellow, $76.50 (YESSTYLE)
2. Cropped pants from SLIM&FIT, $62 (YESSTYLE)
3. Striped t-shirt in blue from ABOKI, $29 (YESSTYLE)
4. Slip-ons from RIVIERAS, $90 (ASOS)

Here we have a sleek city look. Casual, but with a hot twist. The blazer (with a highlighted collar) contrasts well with the straight cut jeans (more on this here) cut-wise and color-wise harmonises with the bright yellow t-shirt. If you'd like to go for a softer look, take the blazer in sky blue.

1. Blazer from HOTBOOM, $86 (YESSTYLE)
2. Crewneck t-shirt from DEEPSTYLE, $23 (DEEPSTYLE)
3. Washed jeans from GROOVE9, $70 (YESSTYLE)
4. LEVI'S desert boots, $127 (ASOS)

Outfit 3 is another city look that experiments with different styles. The casual parka tones down the tassel loafer/shirt/cropped dress pants combination and makes it a little edgy/manly. I could imagine a gentleman working in the creative field sporting something like this.

1. Parka from DEEPSTYLE, $95 (DEEPSTYLE)
2. Oxford shirt, also from DEEPSTYLE, $40 (DEEPSTYLE)
3. Cropped dress pants from RORO, $68 (YESSTYLE)
4. Tassel loafers from MUTNAM, $39 (MUTNAM)

So, how do you feel now? Inspired? Don't be afraid to use colors. Two bold colors (like peach and cyan) look always great in combination with black or white. You can also use different shades of one color to go for a monochromatic look and add little details of a different color for nice dramatic effects. Also, use scarfs to add patterns and colors to your outfits without much trouble. Pins and pocket squares always work great with blazers and add personality.