Sunday, December 18, 2011

peacocc issue 2!!

So glad to present you the second issue of my Peacocc magazine. This time around with even more style advices, presentations and even an interview with Luis Lee, CEO of famous fashion label DEEPSTYLE!
Have fun browsing!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another shawl!


Yet another shawl-centered post. This time it's a wool coat from Deepstyle that drew my attention.

What I like about this coat is its combination of heaviness and lightness. On the one hand, we have a rough-textured material and on the other hand a flowing, airy cut.


Now this coat isn't really made for protecting you from harsh winter breezes. Honestly, I'd wear it at home - much like a cardigan. Not when doing chores or gardening, but when relaxing, working from home, studying. Isn't that fancy? And when spring arrives, you may just wear it like a regular spring coat.

Costs $182. Get it here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shawl collar

Just a quick find from yesstyle: a shawl-collar cardigan with an interesting cut and unusual fabric.

The fabric is kinda heavy, bold and rough looking. Definitely goes well with softer textured fabrics as well as cable knits.

I really like that massive shawl collar! Makes for a nice contrast with the elastic waistbands. Speaking of which - don't you think they let this cardigan almost look like a blouson? So this is not only a cardigan but also a light jacket for warmer days. Great deal!

Get it for $90 - it's from JBROS.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Look like ... Trouble Maker!

Okay, gentlemen, this looks like trouble. Wait a minute ... oh, okay, it's just 4 MINUTE's HyunA and B2ST's Hyunseung having foreplay through dance and glares. Which is even better than trouble. Check this out, if you haven't already done so. Trouble Maker's debut song 'Trouble Maker':

Now there are a couple of words spinning through my head after watching this and visiting their official website. First of all: sexy. Yes, it's sex that dominates the atmosphere around these two kpop hotties. So far, the whole concept behind Trouble Maker is based on passion, longing, desire ... which is good. And HyunA and Hyunseung get it across convincingly. This concept also reflects in the outfits worn by the two stars. You see lots of animal prints, shiny materials, velvet and skinny cuts. Very classy, though - nothing cheap.

 First outfit: awesome leopard print blazer/dinner jacket with skinny pants and patent leather dress shoes (is that a cuff on the shoe?). Here's my interpretation:

In my opinion, nothing can beat that blazer worn by Hyunseung - it just looks so elegant. But this one from deepstyle isn't bad either. And it's a little more low-key with less leopard all over it.

1. Blazer, $100, DEEPSTYLE
2. Shirt, $55, GROOVE9
3. Dress pants with faux-leather trim, $98, PRAWINGS
4. Patent toe-cap shoes, $172, ASOS (H by Hudson)

Haven't had it already? Well there's still some more trouble to get you into.

Central element: the massive (faux-)fur scarf topping of an elegant, simple blazer. Those scary sculls will only peek through here and there.

1. Shawl, $58, DEEPSTYLE
2. Blazer, $85, HOTBOOM
3. Printed shirt, $80, DEEPSTYLE
4. Dress pants, $68, DEEPSTYLE
5. Leather dress shoes, $108, RORO

What do you think? Wouldn't these outfits be great for New Year's Eve parties? Let me finish this post off with some other racy pictures from Hyunseung to get you inspired.