Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just cuddly

What's a must-have for wintertime? Right, knits! May it be harem pants, cardigans, socks, scarfs or pullovers. Now here comes a set of two of these lifesavers, which not only prevent you from freezing to death but also support you with a sleek look.

Also it looks like this pullover has some kind of waterfall neckline attached to it, that really is a set of loop scarf and sweater - made of the same comfy material.

See? You can wear them separately. This is a nice idea as it creates different looks in no time.

That fabric really looks warm and cozy - your girlfriend will love cuddling up to you. Why not giving it a try? Comes in three colors.

This set is from HOTBOOM, costs $58 and is available here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pushing envelopes


Today, again, a bag-related post. I've found these very nice business-type clutches on yesstyle, which have a very unique design.

Yes, it's an envelope! A very simplistic design that contributes to the whole sophisticated, elegant look. And as you can see, it comes in a set: big clutch and little matching card case.
 Isn't it a little surprising how much this filigree bag can hold? And that Men's no-no issue ... I've got the same one! Yay!

It also comes with a strap for more convenient transportation. I can also imagine this to be perfect as a bag-in-a-bag. By putting important documents in the clutch you can quickly grab it to rush off to a meeting or presentation without having to carry around everything else.

It's from JBROS, costs around $65 and is (unfortunately) made of faux leather. But that won't be much of a problem unless you plan to "push the edge of the envelope". And you also get a matching card case, so ... nice price. Get it here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Okay, you shouldn't be too sensitive to handle the following pics. Let me warn you: it's asian guys ... in underwear ... and comic posing. So if that's beyond anything imaginable to you and/or you are easily offended, better skip this post. To all the gentlemen man enough to take this: lo and behold!

 Seriously, though - JBROS features men's underwear from RESTERÖDS, a manufacturer from sweden, most noticeable for their various bold patterned and colored trunks. Nice designs and a comfortable cut - covers all the important criteria when it comes to underwear.

So, here's a selection of the most hilarous shots from JBROS.

What do you guys think? Isn't this one of the best ways to make men's underwear appealing to other men? By making it look fun and relaxed? I love that self-mockery of the models. Great job!

As for the design: I'd say this one here is my favorite:
Though I'm really into most of the designs, as they are pretty elaborate and unusual. Something to impress your girlfriend with. Or just for you to feel more confident.

I've found a couple of internet sellers for you, as it may be difficult to order directly from JBROS.
Timarco has a small selection of RESTERÖDS in stock.
You may also wanna check out - a swedish seller with international delivery service.

Have fun!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm always looking for special items - you know, items with an unusual pattern, cut or fabric. Something you wouldn't find in the basics department of any clothing chain. So today I saw this coat over at and just wanted to share it with you as it totally meets mentionend criteria.

To me, houndstooth patterns really define the word 'elegant'. Just look at it. Classic. Yet, the big bold pattern is somewhat risky and definitely unusual in its own way, making this pea coat a perfect item for standing out from the croud.

 See? So elegant! The material is a mix of synthetic fabric and wool, making it pretty easy-care.

Also cutting a fine figure from the back. Combination-wise I really like the choice made in these pictures. Classy black pants and shoes + chunky knit pullover - subtle elegance, topped off by the extravagant pattern of the pea coat. If you like it more experimental, try combining it with bold red or green pants and high-top skneakers. Dark blue jeans will also look great.

Pay $149 over here.

See you!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We will sock you.

Let us be honest, gentlemen: life sometimes really socks.  I know - terrible pun. But will you agree with me when I tell you that sometimes chosing the right kind of socks can make your day or not? Like when on a really cold day you almost freeze to death just because of a pair of too light socks? Or when you just feel so confident because of a pair of bold colored or patterned socks? Socks really do have some power.

So here's a little feature on socks! You know, it's fall and socks gain more and more attention with dropping temperatures. And as stated above: they can make your outfit.

Let's start with socks from River Island (all of the following items are from ASOS).

Great variety of fall/winter socks ranging from cable over chunky knits to cheerful patterned ones. Wear these to boots or half-boots. My favorites? Probably the bright yellow and blue ones, because I like their bold colors and the elaborate pattern.

They range from $9 to $16 and you can get them here.

Burlington combines classic argyle patterns with racy colors and good quality. They spice up any business outfit without much effort. These look best in combination with leather shoes or boots. Noticed the knee high socks in dark blue and dark red? Little life-savers for the cold days ahead.

They cost $22 each and can be bought here.

Wigwam's boot socks look very chunky, comfortable and just perfect for your favorite winter boots. Aren't those pastel colored ones very unique? The red ones perfectly go along with the advent season. But I also could imagine them looking great combined with a black suit and brown patent leather shoes.

They range from $20 to $30 and can be bought here.

Have fun shopping!