Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look like ... Don't touch my girl

I have to admit that I really haven't been paying any attention to the rookie group "Boyfriend" so far ... I dunno about their music ... maybe I'm just not part of their target group. Anyway, today it's about their style concept surrounding their recent single "Don't touch my girl", which is a combination of military style and teenage boy, resulting in glossy colors, tight cuts and shiny buttons everywhere. Sounds unwearable? Definitely not! But first check out their photos below.

Now these don't look too much like stage outfits, right? Quite the contrary: clean lines, bold, large-scale colors, reduced use of patterns. Nothing over-the-top and definitely suitable for everyday use. Basically we have three main colors: black, blue and red and two colors for details: white and metallic colors (for the buttons and brooches). Now let's see what I can find to mimic this look. In the meantime, why don't you just watch their dance version of the song for further inspiration?

So coming up with a couple of outfits wasn't too hard - yesstyle really has a good selection of military jackets. Just search for "military" and you'll get what you want. Instead of print t-shirts I selected warmer pullovers to match the frosty fall weather. Now here's my first "Don't touch my girl"-inspired outfit for you:

1. Military long jacket, $119, DEEPSTYLE
2. Color block knit top, $65, DEEPSTYLE
3. Slim-fit jeans, $56, KENZI
4. Work boots, $88, ASOS

And here's the next one:

1. Military jacket, $110, DEEPSTYLE
2. Distressed knit top, $83, DEEPSTYLE
3. Skinny jeans, $34, KENZI
4. Ankle boots, $89, DEEPSTYLE

Lots of deepstyle going on here, right? I didn't really force it, though - just seems like deepstyle fits best into this category. So what do you say? I'd wear these outfits.

So stay tuned - and don't let them touch your girl!

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