Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look like ... Kim Hyun Joong a.k.a. Lucky Guy

Hyun Joong indeed is a lucky guy - his single with the same name secured him a #2 position on the korean billboard charts. Check out his mv below.

What I really like about this mv and the whole concept for this mini-album is his fashion style. Kinda glamorous, elegant, racy, even a little tacky and manly (in a James-Bond-way) at the same time. And he pulls it off nicely. Now have a look at the style I'm trying to imitate today.

Gorgeous, isn't he? This outfit is truly elegant, though with a couple of twists that make it pretty unique. The striped dinner jacket really defines this whole look with its notched lapel, while the navy blue dress pants adds lots of personality. Icing on the cake: the black patent leather shoes and the black bow tie. Okay, so here's what I've got for you:

1. Dress shirt, $32, HOTBOOM
2. Double-breasted blazer, $128, STYLEENGINE
3. Bow tie, $59, MINE M HOMME
4. Dress pants, $65, RORO
5. Patent leather shoes, $166, TED BAKER (ASOS)

A great outfit for you to wear to formal occasions, fancy parties or a trip to Vegas maybe?
But don't forget: lucky in love, unlucky at cards ...

Have fun!

Corduroy details

A mixture of different textures and materials is really exciting and can make a decent outfit special. Today I have a semi-elegant parka that combines plain cotton with textured cord.

To me, cord is a typical material when it comes to fall clothing. It looks comfy, warm and gentle - just like a golden autumn day. It also combines a casual with an elegant feeling.


So we've got nice corduroy work on the sleeves and the collar, as well as faux-wooden buttons and faux-leather details here and there. The contrasting stiching also goes well with the overall look.

Take it home for $140. From Mitoshop. Get it here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Adding a cozy layer

With the temperatures constantly dropping cardigans fill an aching gap of frostiness. They are so handy, as they are easily slipped over or off. So let me show you one of these gems, that combine effectiveness with a stylish appearance.

Awww, adorable, isn't he? I guess he's every mother-in-law's dream. Anyway, back to the topic: here we have a heavy knit cardigan, assuring great warm-up potential, with cable knit details here and there and a nice shawl collar.

It comes in brown, black and gray - all of which can be easily combined with other colors. Cardigans go along well with all kinds of outfits and you can mix them with shirts, t-shirts, tops, pullovers ... really anything.

This one is from MOGUBLEU and costs around $77. Get it here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I don't know about you, but I really like clothes that have unique details. It helps me differentiate and show my personality through they way I dress without having to bother with accessories too much (I'm not really the accessory-kind of guy. I wear scarves and pins, but that's about it.). So here comes today's item: a top with fierce (faux-)suede patches.

What I really like about this top is its simplicity, making it a good basic in your wardrobe. The above-mentioned patches give it a warm autumn-feel - with a pinch of countryside, falling leafs and october sun. In conjunction with the generously cut neck it goes for a rather rustic, manly look. Try combining it with a blazer - formal and rustic - the two different styles will have a thrilling effect!

As you can see, it also comes in gray, which is a basic as well and can be used in any combination.

Get it here for around $35.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Master this fall elegantly

While fall proceeds being nasty weather-wise question arises what to wear in this mix of sun, rain, fog, wind and chill. The range of options is, as always, limitless as you can go for many different (interchangeable) styles. Today I wanna focus on a more elegant, sophisticated look. So here they are: three outfits for you to make your inspiration cells hum.

1. Mandarin collar coat, $106, KENZI
2. Knit sweater, $52, HOTBOOM
3. Knit scarf, $36, DEEPSTYLE
4. Plaid dress pants, $63, HOTBOOM
5. Wingcap shoes, $70, ASOS

A mixture of classy gray, spiced up with accents of red and brown. Checkered meets plain-colored, while rough and smooth textures complement each other nonetheless. Even the shoes flaunt a harmonizing mélange of leather and suede.

1. Trench coat, $133 , HOTBOOM
2. Plaid shirt, $50, TOPGUYS
3. Harem pants, $77, PRAWINGS
4. Desert boots, $79, ASOS

Cozy autumn colors, cuts and materials meet high fashion. The harem pants give this elegant outfit a thrilling update.

1. Blazer, $170, MOGUBLEU
2. Chevron top, $41, TOKIO
3. Pleated pants, $89, PRAWINGS
4. Boots, $140, ASOS

While the chevron patterned top is an eye-catcher, each of these garments has novel details making the outfit as a whole a real journey of exploration.

My recommendation: try to use a muted cholor scheme to assemble your outfit first, then choose a pop color for details (like a scarf or even a jacket). This way you can add more personality to your style.


Keeping it warm

Chilly winds, misty mornings, rainy days. Fall can be so uncomfortable. One thing I hate most is when cold air is constantly reaching my neck/throat area. Especially when I'm already feeling kinda sick. They key to happiness: scarves. And fortunately they come in many shapes, materials and colors!

Today I draw the curtain to show you this scarf from Belivus, a brand on yesstyle that focuses on bags, shoes and accessories for men. As you can see, we have one cut, but many different colors and patterns. It's long enough for you to wrap it around your neck as shown in the pics above and has fringes - which always look good on scarves. Also worthy of notice is its mix of wool and synthetic fiber, ensuring a constant comfort level.

Now the only problem is to choose a color/pattern ... but being spoilt for choice is what makes things interesting.

The price is just under $30, which is quite okay. Get it here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bag it ...

As a university student myself, I know how important it is to have something to carry around your most important belongings while going from lecture halls to seminar rooms, libraries and cafeterias all day long without losing any of it. At the moment Mitoshop lists a nice little bag that offers enough room to host a notebook, stationary and a wallet. A real minimalist bag, if you ask me. But a stylish one!

It comes with a strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder.

Three elegant "colors" to choose from: checked, brown and black. It's faux leather, thus not too resilient. But you can't stuff too many things in there anyway.

 A pocket on the back, secured by a zipper. Perfect for your keys, wallet, mobile phone ... 

The main opening is also secured by a zipper + snap-fastener. Safe enough to prevent you from losing anything in turbulent situations.

Priced at $62. Get it here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look like ... Don't touch my girl

I have to admit that I really haven't been paying any attention to the rookie group "Boyfriend" so far ... I dunno about their music ... maybe I'm just not part of their target group. Anyway, today it's about their style concept surrounding their recent single "Don't touch my girl", which is a combination of military style and teenage boy, resulting in glossy colors, tight cuts and shiny buttons everywhere. Sounds unwearable? Definitely not! But first check out their photos below.

Now these don't look too much like stage outfits, right? Quite the contrary: clean lines, bold, large-scale colors, reduced use of patterns. Nothing over-the-top and definitely suitable for everyday use. Basically we have three main colors: black, blue and red and two colors for details: white and metallic colors (for the buttons and brooches). Now let's see what I can find to mimic this look. In the meantime, why don't you just watch their dance version of the song for further inspiration?

So coming up with a couple of outfits wasn't too hard - yesstyle really has a good selection of military jackets. Just search for "military" and you'll get what you want. Instead of print t-shirts I selected warmer pullovers to match the frosty fall weather. Now here's my first "Don't touch my girl"-inspired outfit for you:

1. Military long jacket, $119, DEEPSTYLE
2. Color block knit top, $65, DEEPSTYLE
3. Slim-fit jeans, $56, KENZI
4. Work boots, $88, ASOS

And here's the next one:

1. Military jacket, $110, DEEPSTYLE
2. Distressed knit top, $83, DEEPSTYLE
3. Skinny jeans, $34, KENZI
4. Ankle boots, $89, DEEPSTYLE

Lots of deepstyle going on here, right? I didn't really force it, though - just seems like deepstyle fits best into this category. So what do you say? I'd wear these outfits.

So stay tuned - and don't let them touch your girl!

Shoes from TOPGUYS

Shoes are an important part of your outfit - besides your face and hands women tend to check up on your shoes, too. So keep it all in good shape! The greatest outfit will look dull if you combine it with worn-out shoes (unless that's the style you're going for, of course). While browsing around yesstyle I came across TOPGUYS, a korean brand that seems to deliver to a rather mature audience and offers semi-suit outfits and all the stuff you can see on the leading guys in typical korean romantic comedy dramas.

As the title suggests, this time it's about shoes - and TOPGUYS really has some fancy ones on display. For this post, I'm turning my attention on loafers.

Who says fall outfits have to be dark and depressive? Time to add a little color down there. This loafers go in the casual, but still chic direction, making them perfect for toning down a semi-suit outfit or just for going the casual road altogether.

Goes along so well with semi-formal outfits! Available here for around $100.
Okay, next!

Tassel loafers. These are way less sporty, though the suede surface goes for a rather casual look-and-feel. Due to their playful nature, combine tassel loafers with clean cuts outfit-wise.

See how in comparison with the first shoes this loafers add a lot more class and less sportiness to the outfit? That blue-green color also is a real eye-catcher. Get them here, around $100.

Last but not least: tassel loafers in shiny classy leather colors. These add high-class to your semi-formal outfit and show off your great fashion sense. Wear them in the office, on dates or on a regular basis.

Subtle, but definitely something that stands out and lifts your outfit to a whole new level. Get them here for around $136.

So that's it for today! Hope I could inspire you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Laying a cable ...

With fall starts the cozy part of the year and with it come coats, long johns and knits. There's a wide range of knits available at the moment - from see-through/wide-meshed to cable-knit pullovers the choice is up to you. As for today's item: it's a cable knit that comes in three elegant trend colors.

 Here's the first color: a rather mature green. Doesn't it look great in combination with slim-fit jeans and a casual shirt underneath? Kinda goes for a nature-guy/hunting-lodge style.

Now is it just me or is something bothering this model? Anyway, notice how there are different kinds of cable-knit patterns going on on this pullover? Looks very high-class to me. This elegant grey is the most versatily color of them three and can easily be combined with other colors.

Now seriously, does he have to use the restroom or something and doesn't dare to interrupt the photo shoot? Poor guy. As for the color of his pullover: a bold blue that also happens to be one of the trend colors for this year's fall/winter season. Nice! I'd say you could even wear this to a party.

The price is around $62 and you can grab it over here.
It says the brand's name is slim&fit, though it's real name is byslim. Kinda weird.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deepstyle is stylish ...

There are a couple of brands at yesstyle that definitely know the ropes fashion-wise. One of them is deepstyle. They are very creative and thus deliver one special item after the other. Admittedly some of them are a little too high fashion for daily use, but nonetheless very inspiring.

The faux-leather cargo pants is awesome! I haven't seen something like this up to now. The cut is very modern and even though it's a cargo pants it doesn't lose any of its elegance/sexiness.
I really like that it's not skintight, but still kinda tight. Really helps getting that long-legged slender look.

Due to its straightforwardness this pants can be worn to any clubbing or daily outfit. Just combine it with cozy cable-knit pullovers and sneakers to soften or with see-through t-shirts, leather jackets and boots to sharpen its effect.

Pants, $98

P.s. This time I'm referring to, as it's a little cheaper than yesstyle.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Peacocc goes e-zine!

Okay, please check this out! Here's a little e-zine for you guys that I've been working on the last couple of days. Contains some fashion and style guides as well as a little look-a-like (Super Junior's A-cha!!).

It's still more kinda brochure-sized, but that may very well change with the next issue.
Have fun! And don't forget to comment!! :D