Friday, September 23, 2011


Okay, so this following garment is definitely one of these things that'll make certain guys shiver, while others (like me) will just nod heads and say "sure!". I'm talking about a shirt with a flower pattern!

Yes, big, bold flowers and tendrils and leaves. But nothing that couldn't be handled elegantly. Combined with low-key colors and cuts this will become a favorite this fall season.

Talking about combination ... I'd go for chinos in beige, brown or khaki or dark blue jeans. If the shirt alone is a little too much for you, you can slip over a knit jumper or pullover to dampen the overall picture while maintaining the detailed and playful character of the shirt through peeking out collar, hem and sleeves.

Can you imagine it looking great underneath a mustard yellow trench coat or a rather solid parka, combined with a cable knit scarf?
Oh, I can, for sure!

The usual advice: don't combine it with other bold patterns unless that's the style your going for.

From Sha 2 Shop, costs around $46. Get it here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New address!


As of now you can reach my blog via this so much more comfortable short URL:

So no more .blogspot stuff at the end. Sleek!


Well it's not really autumn yet, but you know that it's just around the corner, so how about stocking up your comfy-clothing shelf already?

What a bummer!
Seriously, though - this nordic pattern cotton-blend harem is awesome.

I already own a similar one and let me tell you: they are very comfortable and warm up while having this well-proven harem cut and a playful nordic pattern. I'm planing on piling up on these, so this one here might be a start.

On a side note: this model really did a great job on delivering hilariously funny poses. Great work!

The price is $60, but they are well invested. Get it here from Groove9.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

september kitten

I don't know about you guys, but here in my neighborhood, it's temperature-wise officially autumn now. Just chilly. Time to check out some long sleeve pullovers from yesstyle!


As you might already know, I'm all for leopard print garments. They can totally transform an everyday outfit into something wicked/sexy. Be careful, though - less is more. Too much of this wildcat pattern and you might have to deal with local poachers. Means: one leopard/animal print pattern per outfit is enough.

So now we have this comfy-sized pullover from ABOKI at yesstyle. It has a very small, but nicely detailed  leopard pattern all over it and comes in muted colors. Perfect for an animal print beginner's item. This will add a subtle, but refreshing and up-to-date note to your outfit without piling it on. And that casual, slightly oversized cut is just ideal for nippy autumn days.

It comes in four colors to choose from, so there really should be one for you, too. I like all of them, but that brown one is special, as it has a kinda inverted blue colored leopard pattern.

The price is around $40 and you can get it here.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Look like ... Superman!

Super Junior are back, once again - and believe me or not, they've turned from Mr. Simple into Superman!!

The whole concept for this new song is "urban soldier" and as you can see in the picture above, they pull it off quite nicely. So what do we have here? Earthy colors, rough materials and cuts, lots of pockets, camouflage patterns and military style accessories. All in all, very manly and even kinda grungy. Just like the song.

Yesstyle offers quite some garments which deliver that same "city man turned rambo" vibe and can actually be worn if combined right. So here we go: a couple of Superman outfits for you to hatch from your "Mr. Simple" self from time to time. Stand to attention!

1. Faux leather studded vest, around $145, by deepstyle
2. Print t-shirt, around $25, by Prawings
3. Drop-crotch cargo pants, around $90, by TOKIO 
4. Hi-Tops, around $110, from ASOS 

1. Parka, around $130, by Style Yours
2. Tank top, around $20, by RORO
3. Distressed jeans, around $76, by HOTBOOM 
4. Ankle boots, around $120, from ASOS 

1. Double breasted coat, around $110, by deepstyle
2. Long sleeve henley, around $23, by HOTBOOM
3. Distressed skinny jeans, around $70, by deepstyle
4. Buckle boots, around $180, from ASOS

Now to round things up, here a tiny selection of different accessories that go along with all of the outfits you've just seen.

1. Military cap, around $50, by Fred Perry from ASOS
2. Bullet necklace, around $20, by Murati
3. Leather belt, around $130, by Diesel from ASOS
4. Aviator sunglasses, around $37, by Jack & Jones from ASOS

Well? How about giving it a try? I'm sure there's a superman slumbering within you, too.

Take care!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Faint scent of summer

With summer leaning towards its certain end I once again want to celebrate its awesome bright and fresh colors just to make parting even harder.

So here comes a summer t-shirt that scores with three aspects: cut, colors and pattern.

The pattern: well, that's some elaborate artwork, isn't it? A mixture of bold baroque and wild adventurer, playful leaf tendrils and geometric block design. Which brings us to the next point ...

The colors: great mélange of icy azure, almost not perceivable yellow and gleaming red, framed by blocks of black and white. In combination with the pattern it goes for an exotic, "time of exploration" style.

And now the cut: to make it perfect, this t-shirt comes with an elegant, comfy cut. Look at this, it has dolman sleeves!

Sleek! From Rememberclick, just about $40 ... bought!!