Monday, August 8, 2011

Look like ... Mr. Simple

Have you also been listening to the big comeback song "Mr. Simple" from Super Junior in a loop, lately? Striking, isn't it? So is their styling for the teaser pictures that plopped up one after another. Some like it, many do not. Well, obviously, this is nothing to be worn in real life, like on a regular working day or while doing chores. It's solely for promotion. Bright colors, racy posing, unusual combinations. That draws attention.

Nevertheless, most of the pieces worn by the Super Junior guys are very well suited for daily use - it's all about the right combination.

I really like the bright tomato red of Siwon's shiny leather jacket. Must be expensive ...
Although I looked around yesstyle and other internet shops I couldn't really find an exact replica of this garment. However, I found two jackets which deliver a similar vibe.

Less elegant, but a similar bright red. From deepstyle and costs around $100. Get it here. (You will also get a brooch!)

Yes, this one is too short (the one in the promo pic has more of a coat-size) and a blazer. But those leather sleeves totaly rock and make it so casual. Also from deepstyle, costs around $120. Get it here.

This pink animal print tank top worn by Yesung can easily be used for a sexy clubbing outfit. Combine it with a black blazer and white pants or dark blue jeans.
This one is from deepstyle (once again) and you can get it over at yesstyle. Unfortunately, it's almost sold out and you can only get it in gray anymore. Around $20.

This short bright red blazer worn by Ryeowook will look best in combination with slim white pants.
Here's my yesstyle-reference:
Almost a tuxedo, isn't it? Costs around $95. Get here.

I also found this tank top worn by Sungmin over at yesstyle. My recommendation? Well, they can see your nipples through this revealing material. So there's only two options:
1. wear it at the beach. (Just perfect for a volleyball match or when getting some icecream.)
2. wear it underneath a t-shirt, a shirt or top.

Costs around $25 and is from rememberclick. Get it here.

Seems like there is something attached to Kyuhun's blazer ... can't really tell, though ... is it a hood? Or just the lining? Anyway, here comes my interpretation:

I've just added a leopard print scarf - nice, isn't it? The blazer is around $100 and from deepstyle. Get it here. The scarf costs around $40 and is from Boynmen. Get it here.

So, here we go. I didn't do all of them - sorry about that. It's just too hard to find good replica.
Now get yourself dressed. Choose any style you want. It's that simple!