Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making it short(s)

What comes with summer, sunshine, days drawing out? Hot, humid weather. Now what can you do to avoid feeling like walking in sauna? Wear shorts and let your legs catch some fresh air! Fortunately, this year shorts are must-have items and thus come in many different shapes and colors.

Wow! This is a fresh pattern, isn't it? And the length of legs is a little shorter than of normal bermuda shorts.

Again, I really like this pattern and choice of colors. It delivers a feeling of everything that is great about summer. Very unique, but not too strong and perfectly wearable. The pastel colors make it possible to combine this shorts with pieces in bold colors (or you can match them with other pastel-colored garments).

Plaid shorts, around $70, by JBROS.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look like ... Jung Gyu Woon

Have you seen episode 7 of the drama Romance Town yet? Jung Gyu Woon was wearing a very nice summer outfit on a trip to the sea.

Sleek, isn't he? Well, you easily can be, too! Just for you I've collected a couple of pieces from yesstyle that resemble his look, making it possible for you to follow suit.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a blazer with such an elaborate texture as the one in the drama (checked, with a raised fabric). But this one is pretty nice, too. You can add lots of personality to such an outfit by including unique accessories, like scarfs, bracelets, pins - Jung Gyu Woon has chosen a two-colored pocket square, as you can see in the pics above.

1. Blazer, around $130, by CITY AND THE MAN
2. Stripe shirt, around $70, by evanissue
3. Bermuda shorts, around $50, by MITOSHOP
4. Loafers, around $140, by moscod

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pastel plaid

After checking yesstyle for pastel colors a couple of weeks ago and having a hard time finding any, they now are massively stocking up their shelves with smoothly colored pieces.

Pastel colors have always been a perfect choice for spring and summer seasons - they are colorful, but at the same time peaceful and relaxed. Now look at this shirt - it combines three trends in just one piece of clothing. We have said pastel colors (light pink and blue), a plaid pattern and 3/4 sleeves - making this shirt a must have for the hot days to come.

Nice cut! The 3/4 sleeves make this shirt perfect to be worn underneath a 3/4 sleeve blazer. Combine it with a carrot-cut jeans, ankle-length pants or shorts.

From HOTBOOM and costs around $50. Get it here.