Monday, May 2, 2011

One Thousand and One Nights

The big fashion trend for guys this year are definitely harem pants. They've been lingering around for a while already, but only visible to those with an eye for special styles.

Great thing is - harem pants come in all varieties and different kinds of models you can imagine, making them the pants of choice when it comes to any kind of occasion.

Let's start with pants you'd rather wear during casual times or at home.

Playful patterns, cozy materials and the perfectly comfortable cut of harem pants make these the perfect home or relax goodies.

1. Detailed harem pants from deepstyle - $67.50 
2. This one from rememberclick also looks perfect for workouts - $58.50
3. Comfy, relaxing, casual. Another harem pants from rememberclick - $49.60

Then we also have harem jeans.

They shape a nice body silhouette and maintain your outfit with that perfect twist. These two here are both from hotboom.

1. Rather casual jeans that looks pretty comfy. $54
2. Sharper jeans in black with nice contrasting stitching. $55.80

And last but not least it's also possible to wear harem pants on special occasions, as deepstyle offers a wide range of harem pants in exquisite cuts.

Just a selection of the deepstyle product line. Here we have three harem pants that have enough class to be worn to formal parties or just if you want to look extremely stylish.

1. Nice harem pants with overlapping, layered waistband. $51
2. Rather balloon-like pleated harem pants with lots and lots of material. Awesome! $70.20
3. Also pleated, but less balloon. Elaborated harem pants for $90.

Now isn't this awesome? So many styles and shapes to experiment with.
Can you already call yourself 'proud owner' of harem pants? Would love to see your outfits!

Well now that's it for today.
See you!

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