Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Summer and hot days are wonderful, but the hot temperatures make it difficult to arrange outfits on the rather formal side of your wardrobe, as formal often equals cloaked.

Now how about this? We have a light linen blend material, that not only adds to the product's high-quality appearance, but also secures an ideal circulation of air. What else? Shorts! Yes, you can wear shorts and still maintain a prim look. It just depends on the rest of your outfit - and a matching blazer definitely pulls off what you had in mind.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't recommend wearing this to work - it's not a suit after all and thus might get you into trouble. But apart from that, you have a great set of pieces you can wear together or in combination with different garments to create your very own look.

Ships in navy or light blue.
Shorts, around $60.
Blazer, around $110.
Both from Groove9.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poppy field

Summer is approaching - and with it comes the elaborate poppy, blooming in a distinct orange-red, swaying on long, fragile stems in blue-green. I took this color scheme as a basis for a couple of outfits - tricky, but definitely possible and wearable!

Doesn't this outfit just look like a poppy field itself? Great for a city stroll with your sweetheart.
Combine it with a blazer to add a little formality. All of these pieces could become favorites in my wardrobe!

1. T-shirt, around $40, by TOKIO
2. Bermuda shorts, around $45, by Garma
3. Mesh shoes, around $80, by De Karma

Wow, nice colors, eh? Very fashionable outfit - can be worn to any occasion that has a rather casual setting.

1. Dolman sleeve top, around $45, by HOTBOOM
2. Bermuda shorts, around $58, by Style Engine
3. Sandals, around $60, by Groove9

Last but not least a very casual, sort of dreamy outfit for unspectacular, relaxing days of sweet idleness.

1. 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, around $40, by JBROS
2. Cropped slim-fit pants, around $75 by HOTBOOM
3. Slip-ons, around $60, by MITOSHOP

Now how about a piece of poppy-seed cake? Goes so well with a cup of strong coffee!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


What used to be a pattern that looked best in a pimp wardrobe has become a must-have for gents who want to look a little dangerous - animal prints!

As you can see there's a large variety of forms, styles and textures you can choose from when you decide to transform into a beast of prey. My recommendation: only use one piece of clothing in your outfit that has an animal print on it - otherwise you may cause a red alert and big game hunters chasing you. If you act on my advice on the other hand, you may even take the lead as the new alpha male on your next clubbing night.

1. Handsome blazer with a rather discreet leopard print. Around $115 from Kenzi.

2. Loud and wild blazer from deepstyle. Around $100.

3. Light, wrinkled shirt in gray or beige for around $60. From Rememberclick.

4. Racy tight pants with an elegant pattern. From deepstyle for around $75.

5. Leopard print scarf to give your outfit that extra flavor. Boynmen, around $40.

6. Nifty long-sleeve top from De Karma for around $50.

Now grind your claws and get out of your cage. Urban jungle is waiting for you.


Yet another item that transmits a distinct summer-vibe has appeared on my style-radar. To my surprise, it's deepstyle that shines with this sky blue dotted shirt. Well, at least I didn't expect something this cheerful to come from deepstyle, as it normally delivers clothing in the black, gray and white range.
Anyway, here it is:

So cool, right? Right! Light material, rich summer color and a simple but effective pattern. But that's not all this shirt has to offer.

As you can see, it also comes in a little darker blue, which is just as nice as the sky blue version. But apart from that, you can see that it has 3/4-sleeves, which goes so well with 3/4-sleeve blazers.

Another detail: you can even roll up the sleeves and attach them to a button, using a little strap.

So you pay around $60 and get all these features in one shirt. Not too bad, huh?
Give it a try and get it here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sailor's yarn

Tank tops are perfect items for the sunny half of the year. You can wear them underneath shirts, t-shirts, pullovers, sweaters, blazers ... basically underneath anything. And they may have a pretty big impact on your outfit, depending on what color or pattern you choose.

 So here we have a tank top with a pretty unique pattern. What I really like about it is its rather deep u-neck cut.

The nautical theme is awesome and really up-to-date! A variety of ships from different periods - nicely illustrated.

It also comes in gray - both are perfect basics for your summer wardrobe. Be careful with combining, though. Bold patterns are lone wolfs, so exercise restraint for the rest of your outfit.

Be on board for around $20. Get it here.

Ship ahoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take a breath

Even during the hot days of summer there are times where weather is unsettled and you might wanna have something that covers your arms. Light sweatshirts or pullovers are perfect for these times, as you can roll up the sleeves when sun comes out or leave it like it is.

 So here comes the candidate: a light pullover from Mitoshop with a very pervious texture (open-knit).
See? The generously knitted material lets air circulate and gives your skin a little cooling when needed. I've already got a couple of pullovers in the same style and I can definitely recommend them. Not only functional, but also fashionable. Combine it with a tank top, so it becomes a little less see-through.

Cash check: around $55. Get it here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Do you like scarfs? How about getting a t-shirt and in addition a matching scarf for free?
Well, here we go ...

Wow, whitey. This is a very basic white v-neck t-shirt that has a unique scarf attached to its sides. As you can see in this picture, the ends of the scarf are braided, which gives it a natural, almost folklore look.

How about the t-shirt in combination with a short-sleeved coat, as suggested by rememberclick? I certainly like it. How about you?

Get it here for $50. See? You get what you pay for - seems like the scarf is not for free, after all. But still a good price for this set.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today in store: a pair of carrot-cut trousers with a lower than usual crotch.

A very hot design, yet calm and unobstrusive. Gives your rather formal outfit that badly needed update without beeing too obvious. Honestly, I love this kind of cut when it comes to pants. Wide and comfy in the upper parts, tight and stylish at ankle level.


As you can see, it also comes in white, which is the color of choice for spring and summer seasons. Roll up the trousers legs - perfect on hot days.

This pants is waiting for you here and will join you for around $60.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breezy blazer

If you want to obtain a formal, yet fashionable look during warm spring days, a lightweight blazer made of linen fabric in a fresh, light blue may be the perfect choice for you.

The contrasting white buttons still perfectly harmonize with the sky blue of this blazer, sitting there like fleecy clouds on a windless summer day. Combination options are nearly endless. Wear it to spice up your rather casual university outfit or wear it to a wedding or a formal party, combined with a pair of white pants. Or you might wanna take it with you on your trip to the sea and wear it with a striped t-shirt and navy blue shorts? Your girlfriend will love seeing you so stylish!

It's from Style Engine, costs $108 and is available here.

So long!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sporty surprise

Oh, this one surprised me a bit. A sweatpants from JBROS that looks perfectly fine as a regular pants if combined with the right pieces.

Isn't this cool? A casual spring/summer outfit - just perfect for a city stroll with your girlfriend - and if you get the urge of doing some workout, just lay of the vest and you're okay.

Nice little detail: the stitching on the drawstring.

Get it for just $36 over at yesstyle.com. Comes in dark and light gray.

Take care!

Monday, May 2, 2011

deepstyle ships to you!

For anybody who didn't know - deepstyle also has an international customer site.
And they do worldwide shipping! This makes deepstyle one of the very very few asian brands who actually care for customers from overseas. I think it's great!

As you can see, shipping is free on every order over $180. That's a little more than the $150 from yesstyle. And speaking of prices - it's more or less the same as yesstyle's. Some pieces are a little cheaper, some a little more expensive. But comparing prices might be worth it. Also, it's more likely to get new collections quicker and as a whole on the manufacturer's site, as yesstyle's buyers sometimes consider certain pieces as less salable and won't put them on yesstyle.com.

The customer service is very good. They've got a Q&A section as well as an order status overview and so on - all in English. If you have any question, just ask them and get a quick and friendly response.

Here's the direct link:

Also, you might wanna check out their facebook page. The staff over there provides you with brand new imagery of upcoming collections and is just as caring as the regular customer service.

Happy shopping!

One Thousand and One Nights

The big fashion trend for guys this year are definitely harem pants. They've been lingering around for a while already, but only visible to those with an eye for special styles.

Great thing is - harem pants come in all varieties and different kinds of models you can imagine, making them the pants of choice when it comes to any kind of occasion.

Let's start with pants you'd rather wear during casual times or at home.

Playful patterns, cozy materials and the perfectly comfortable cut of harem pants make these the perfect home or relax goodies.

1. Detailed harem pants from deepstyle - $67.50 
2. This one from rememberclick also looks perfect for workouts - $58.50
3. Comfy, relaxing, casual. Another harem pants from rememberclick - $49.60

Then we also have harem jeans.

They shape a nice body silhouette and maintain your outfit with that perfect twist. These two here are both from hotboom.

1. Rather casual jeans that looks pretty comfy. $54
2. Sharper jeans in black with nice contrasting stitching. $55.80

And last but not least it's also possible to wear harem pants on special occasions, as deepstyle offers a wide range of harem pants in exquisite cuts.

Just a selection of the deepstyle product line. Here we have three harem pants that have enough class to be worn to formal parties or just if you want to look extremely stylish.

1. Nice harem pants with overlapping, layered waistband. $51
2. Rather balloon-like pleated harem pants with lots and lots of material. Awesome! $70.20
3. Also pleated, but less balloon. Elaborated harem pants for $90.

Now isn't this awesome? So many styles and shapes to experiment with.
Can you already call yourself 'proud owner' of harem pants? Would love to see your outfits!

Well now that's it for today.
See you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Add a layer

Today I've got a solid cardigan for you that has a little twist to it.

The overall cut is pretty simple, but together with the valuable material gets across a laid-back vibe of luxury. There are two little "highlights" - first, it's a little longer than usual cardigans, making it look pretty good in combination with tight jeans. The other feature is that you can roll up the sleaves and attach them to little buttons - which looks tidy and good.

Now don't you also like the texture of the fabric? Casual, yet exclusive. And you can bury your hands deep down in the oversized pockets. The material is rather thin, so just perfect for the warmer seasons.

Click here and you can also get it in black for $43.20.