Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lust for sunshine

Yet again a piece that is soft as a summer breeze.
Isn't it great that the hot days at the beach are just around the corner? How about wearing this airy t-shirt, then?

A soft, almost lucent fabric with a loose-fitting, comfortable cut makes this piece from Hotboom definitely a must-have for this spring/summer season. The rather deep u-neck makes it a red-hot appendage for your outfit.

Due to its loose appearance, combine this shirt with trousers that have a tight cut (carrot, skinny, tight-legged harem ...).

Comes in 4 manly colors. Get it here for reasonable $27.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Denim from Kenzi

Another piece that looks like pure summer. Denim shirts are back.

This one from Kenzi over at yesstyle has a very soft texture. Wear it in order to grant your outfit a rather casual look. But don't be afraid - the defined cut and cleverly contrasting buttons and trim still make this shirt a quality product that can be used versatilely.

If you want to go for the sportive, casual look, combine it with a striped or deep cut t-shirt and leave it unbuttoned - just like in the picture. For the formal look, tuck it into a pair of pleated trousers (in blue, black, white or beige = rather conventional - greens, purples, reds = rather provocative), choose a matching belt and top it off with a bow tie (a denim one would be perfect).

Get it here for $40.50.

Until then!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A blazer like an ocean

Navy blue blazers with white trims are timeless pieces for every wardrobe. If they're made of a linen material and have 3/4 sleeves, they are must haves for warm spring and summer days.

Uh, that models skin color doesn't look too healthy. Can't blame it on the blazer, though. Doesn't it look like a calm ocean and sea-foam washed up by tender waves? Or the deep blue of a clear summer sky, pierced by vapor trails of globetrotters? It's up to you.

Can be perfectly combined with t-shirts that have deep v-, u-neck or drape cuts, shirts with strong patterns, cardigans and so on. Linen fabric feels great on your skin, especially on warm days, as it lets air circulate through the material. A little downside: it gets easily wrinkled.

Matter of expense: $76.50. Get it here. It also comes in white with black trim.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who let the dolmans out??

Recently there have been a lot of dolman sleeve tops hopping around the guy's department of yesstyle. Seems like they're really popular now and I have to admit - I like them!

For example this top by 'rememberclick'. It not just looks comfortable, but also gives you that venturesome, heady vibe of a modern gunslinger of some sort. Plus, it willingly adds some extravagance and star appeal to your whole outfit.

Well, you've got to like this look in order to pull it off nicely. But if you do, like me, just go for it. Combine it with either harem pants or tight pants in order to grant you a nice silhouette.

Get it here. Costs $36, which is an absolutely OK price.

See you around!

Friday, April 15, 2011


So as promised: a focus on pastels.
Not only are pastel colors welcome guests during spring season every year - recently they have developed to 'in vogue' must-haves. Fortunately it's up to you to decide wether you like soft colors or not. As for me - I really appreciate them! They can add class and elegance to an outfit. How about whole outfits in pastel colors? Sophisticated!

Now let me give you a couple of hints for your next shopping expedition over at


1. Distressed knit top ($52.20) - also available in a nice pastel yellow
2. Striped knit top ($43.20)
3. Knit vest in beige ($40.50)
4. Striped polo shirt ($36.00)


1. Plaid shirt ($43.20)
2. Oxford shirt in a nice dusky pink ($34.20)
3. Dress shirt with gorgeous embroidered detail ($61.20)
4. Plaid shirt ($52.20)

2. Slim fit pants in light pink ($46.80)
3. Pleated hem cotton pants in light blue ($54.00)
4. Pleated pants ($49.50)

Now isn't this nice? I could already imagine a couple of outfits assembled out of these pieces. Though I had kind of a hard time browsing yesstyle in search of pastel clothing for men. Either they are still waiting to stock up their pastel department or they somehow missed the train.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little guide.

See you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Style Special!

Long time no see!
But waiting was worth it, promise you. To start it off nicely, I've created a little shopping guide for 3 different spring styles. So here we go.

1. Bright trench coat ($112.50) from yesstyle
2. Pleated, ankle-free pants ($49.50) from yesstyle
3. Top in nice pastell colors ($31.50) from yesstyle
4. Soft-toned slippers ($80.69) from Rivieras via asos

1. Light trenchcoat with a great pattern on the inside ($79.20) from yesstyle
2. Dresspants ($54.00) from yesstyle
3. Check shirt with highlighted pocket ($49.50) from yesstyle
4. Scarf ($22.50) from yesstyle
5. Leather loafers ($170.34) from Diesel via asos

1. Flashy jacket in tomato red ($94.50) from yesstyle
2. Washed slim-cut jeans ($79.20) from yesstyle
3. Simple white t-shirt with up-to-date u-neck cut ($25.20) from yesstyle
4. Suede ankle boots ($53.79) from asos

Got inspired? How about a little shopping spree?

Next topic to be disclosed: pastel colors!

See you around!