Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesstyle just got a whole bunch of new clothing in and one piece immediatly caught my attention.

So what do we have here? A gentlemanly looking knit top with a very interesting structure. It also got a little loose cowl neck, adding to its nobility. But beware: lots of details on the top - better slow down the rest of your outfit. The top is strong and rough looking, so use pieces for the rest of your outfit that complement one another with subtle, understated materials.

Get it here, costs around $70 and comes in three colors: black, grey and white.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still freezing ...

Okay, back to the algid days. You still need something to warm your pigeon breast? I've found an eclectic trench coat that comes in handy during the time between chilly winter days and enchanting spring weekends.

Lots of details! Just as expected from a Mitoshop coat. Nice reedings all over it, as well as rustic buckles here and there. Big brown buttons add a little class and playfulness. And it has a belt! Always love having a belt, as it is of decorative and practial use. The clue: it comes with a detachable jersey inlay including a hood, giving the whole ensemble a rather sportive, casual look.

The problem with coats is: they often look too plain and boring from the back. Now look at this: great detail at the back, too! I really like what they did with the hood.

Okay, so I have to admit, the prize is a little letdown. But you've got lots of detail, great materials and a good overall product. Costs around $210 and you can get it here.

Wrap up warm!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Let the sun shine

Here comes an aid for anyone else who's as sick and tired of winter weather as me. A light trench coat that captivates by its color: a sunny yellow.


Now you might end up looking like a daffodil if you don't control your spring fever while arranging an outfit with this trench coat. The yellow is pretty strong, so try not to use any additional bright colors. A beige pants like in this picture looks pretty good. Pastel is the key to getting a soft, yet manly picture. I could imagine a white deep cut t-shirt or a top with bold stripes underneath this coat. A strong blue jeans with high top sneakers in white could work, too. Or how about a pants in white or even black? Give it a try.

Costs around $125 and you can get it here.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little warm-up

Wow, this is almost a classic. I bought this cardigan two years ago in charcoal and last year in black. Both of them are still "alive" and come in handy on crisp winter days. I'm actually wearing the black one right now.

The quality is surprisingly good if you take the low price into consideration. I've been wearing these cardigans on almost every cold day the last couple of years and they still look quite nice. Oh, but my mom had to reattach some of the buttons, as they were kinda sloppily sewn on and just fell off. It's not too hard to do yourself, though. And once you've reinforced them, it's alright.

Next thing is: they are very convenient! I wear them at home, when I go out checking my mailbox, underneath a winter coat or as a coat itself, when the temperatures are on the rise again. They have a hood, which unfortunately isn't that spacious and should be used for emergencies only.

Another advantage: its length. As I already said - you can wear it as a stand-alone coat if you want to. And it will also keep your lower body part warm, which will help you feeling a lot warmer alltogether. Will make a difference on flawy, freezing days, believe me.

So, I'm really not surprised that yesstyle is offering them again. I should get myself another one - maybe the beige one.

Get it here for around $55 - it's a worthwile investment.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Classy pants

You can't have enough trousers, trust me. New in at yesstyle and I really wanted to share it with you: slim fit pants by Mutnam in pretty nice colors for the coming spring season.

Now this is a good product presentation - photos with class. You see that aroma diffuser in the background? I've got the same one! :P

As I said before - great pastel colors! My favorites are the sky blue and the light pink one. But the other two are quite unusual, too. These look perfect in combination with cardigans or blazers. Turn up the trouser legs and complete the look with some leather slippers or canvas shoes in light colors.

$50 - such a nice price! Maybe I'll get myself both ... as I said - you can't have enough trousers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

is it a blazer, or ... ?

Today's item is an unusual blazer that cannot decide whether it wants to be a formal blazer or a biker jacket.

This one is actually pretty cool - you can slow down a rather formal outfit as well as spice up a casual outfit just by throwing it over. I guess it's the belt in combination with the pockets and big metal buttons that make this blazer so special.

It also comes in red and black, but I prefer this khaki color, as it's just so casual.

Costs around $120.

See ya!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Combining possible!

Today's item is a dress pants that comes along with a cummerbund! Gives your outfit that extra upgrade - perfect for special occasion like weddings, formal dinners or parties.


As it really is a rather formal piece of clothing, it's difficult to implement it into every day outfits. 
But if you don't mind drawing a little attention, try the following.

Take the grey version of this pants and combine it with a drape front t-shirt in white, wear a faux leather vest above, add some chunky military boots in brown leather, top it off with a rough knit circle scarf - et voilĂ . 

(Circle scarf, around $50 - yesstyle; faux leather vest, around $40 - yesstyle; drape front shirt, around $30 - yesstyle; work boots, around $70 - asos)

Wearable and definitely special. Set price (pants and cummerbund) is around $110.

Get the pants here.

That's it for today.
See you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Okay, this doesn't really look like a dalmation, but it's the same concept: dots!

Hard to see, but still there: circles in a lighter color (almost same color as the top). Very elegant, quiet, yet a little playful. Goes along pretty well with skinny pants or jeans in black or white, as well as all shades of grey. Looks perfect under a blazer (like the ones from my valentine's day post - try the red one for a little more color).


Doesn't the fabric look very light and soft? Must be very comfortable. Definitely on my list! Comes to you for $40, which is a very nice price! Oh, and it's by Hotboom - a brand to keep your eyes on.
Get it here.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

plain plaid

Today's item is a jacket from Mutnam, which combines stylish elegance with a manly statement.
The band collar (looks like artificial leather) gives it a really interesting vibe.

The overall look is rather British - plaid pattern, rustic buttons, "leather" collar ... and it's pretty versatile, as it can be worn as a formal jacket as well as an upgrade to a casual outfit.
Very unique, but not over the top - definitely wearable by any gentleman. But be careful: you might look a little too dandy if you combine it with other outstanding clothes/accessories. So tone down the rest of your outfit and try not to use any additional patterns. If you like the dandy look: go for it! I'd recommend a bow tie in a special color or pattern. Or giant glasses with a tortoise shell frame.

Shoe-wise anything in the brown range is perfect. Patent leather shoes, loafers, suede boots ... or some boat shoes like these from asos (these are a little costy though, but you'll find similar ones for a lot less $):

The jacket costs around $100 and is definitely worth the prize look-wise. As for the quality - I've already got a jacket from Mutnam last year and I wore it half of the summer and I'm still pretty happy with it. They use nice fabrics and have really good cuts.

Get the jacket here.

That's it for today.
See you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's day / Dating outfit SPECIAL!

Hey guys!

Only two days until Valentine's day - do you have some plans already? Have a cute girl you desperately want to go on a date with? Still have no idea how to impress your honey outfit-wise?

I went through the trouble of finding three different Valentine's outfits for you - complete from head to toe! :D
Sure it's a little late to order something from yesstyle to arrive in time, but you can wear these on any special occasions (like your anniversary or a first date).

So here we go!

The red blazer will definitely draw your sweetheart's attention! To make the look a little less formal and a little sleeker combine it with a drape-front t-shirt in plain white. The slim-fit pleated pants in gray welcomes you in 2011 with its fresh, modern, laid-back cut. The red patent-leather shoes from asos pick up the color from the blazer and give the outfit the perfect finish. When sitting down, your trouser legs will slide up a little, just to reveal these cool socks from topman with an elaborate heart pattern. And you never know how things will develop, so better be prepared for the eventuality with a kiss print trunks from asos.

1. Wool blazer in red (around $115) from yesstyle
2. Drape-front t-shirt in white (around $30) from yesstyle
3. Pleated slim-fit pants in grey (around $50) from yesstyle
4. Kiss print trunks ($7.17) from asos
5. Heart socks ($6) from topman
6. Patent leather shoes in red (on sale $93.24, was $134.48) from asos

This is a very manly outfit with dark colors and strong materials for the bad boy look. And you know, that good girls always want the bad boys. Black jacket with faux snake skin borders (this will look especially cool at night), grey t-shirt with white sprinkles around the neck, black gradiant skinny jeans to fetch your inner rock star + military boots that will complete this look. Show your sweetie your romantic side with this flower print trunks and an army of hearts on your socks.

1. Blazer in black (around $100) from yesstyle
2. T-shirt in grey (around 40$) from yesstyle
3. Skinny jeans (around $80) from yesstyle
4. Hibiskus trunks (around $18) by Jack and Jones via asos
5. Military boots (around $145) by River Island via asos
6. Heart socks ($6) from topman

 A rather romantic and casual outfit. The dinner jacket adds class, while the puma top brings wilderness along. The jeans looks very uncomplicated, but still has some nice washing effects. Smooth suede desert boots top the outfit off. Add some light grey socks and pastel colored heart trunks for the sweet times to come.

1. Satin Lapel Blazer in grey (around $110) from yesstyle
2. Puma print fleece top (around $40) from yesstyle
3. Washed slim-fit jeans (around $80) from yesstyle
4. Scribble hearts trunks ($7.17) from asos
5. Socks (around $9) from asos
6. Suede and canvas desert boots (around $150) by Lacoste via asos

Now I really hope you've found an inspiration. Good luck and spread some love! :D

Daily Check #3

Hey it's me again!! The Peacocc!
Wow, it's already day 3 and guess what - I've found something for you. :)
As we are (hopefully) heading towards spring, which is (hopefully) just around the corner, this pleated cotton pants might come in handy.

Looks very soft and smart. Combining it with a white or even black blazer sharpens the look. When it gets warmer, you can turn up the the trouser legs to make it look like cuffs. The pleating at the top makes it special and adds to its smart look. Unfortunately, trousers from yesstyle tend to be tighter than they look like in the pictures, so be careful.

This one costs around 55 bugs and you can get it here. Again, a fairly reasonable prize.

See you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Check #2

It's me again! And I'm back with a cool new item from yesstyle.
As we still have winter, which tends to be pretty cold from time to time, here's a great life saver that keeps you from freezing to death and makes you look pretty cool at the same time. ;)
It's this parker:

Can you see this cool green lining? From the looks of it, it's not that heavy, but it will protect you from icy winds and other unpleasant winter side-effects. And doesn't it look really comfortable and casual? I can image myself throwing this over as I run to university because of heavy oversleeping. Unshaved? Couldn't care less. Didn't have breakfast yet? Psha! As long as I can hole up in here, I'm alright! ;D

So, it's casual, but at the same time pretty unique. And it looks like a jacket you can wear until late spring at least. 

Cost-wise it's in my budget when it comes to winter jackets. Around $140.
It's also available in black, but I definitely prefer the khaki colored one.

Okay, see you around!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Check #1

Although it say's daily I'm not too sure wether I'll be able to update this on a daily basis or not, but I'll try!
The plan is, that I look around the net to find a special piece of clothing that I think you might be interested in. Daily. And with net I actually mean They're stocking up almost every day (except weekends), so there's something new to discover most of the time.

Now, let's get it started with the first item. I know many people like deepstyle - they've got awesome clothing, but most of it isn't that wearable in everyday life. So if you like to dress like a korean rock star, it's definitely yours. I'd say the bigger the city you live in, the higher the propability that you can get away with it.
Anyway, here we go:

Yes, this pants screams ROCK STAR!
Isn't it just perfect for a night out in town? The boots are a little too much, though ... (if you're not living in Asia). I'd go for a pair of black chelsea boots instead.

The interesting thing about this pants is its detailed structure:

Isn't it just cool? Looks almost like snake skin. Definitely a special item for special occasions. And it's prize is more than okay. Around $75. What do you think?

Alright, see you next time!

Peacocc sighted!

... and it seems like it made its home in this cozy blog. Oh, pardon, he made his home ... he's wearing a hat and bow tie, after all. Quite sophisticated, if you ask me. And let me tell you, he's all into fashion and style.

So, I guess it's up to me to delight him ... well, that's not too bad! I was planning to do a blog about men's fashion anyway. To be more precise: men's fashion from Asia and also a little from the UK.
That means reviews, finds, tips, outfits and so on from international fashion merchants like yesstyle, topman, asos and Co. Sounds interesting? Great!

Now join me on my challenge taming this bird.

Stay tuned!